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Should You Buy PBN Backlinks in 2020: Why & How It Works

Modern technology has been reshaping the world for the past few years. One of its impacts is digital transformation. Digitalization transformed every business in every industry. It positively transformed the different aspects of business organizations.

Now, the success of a business is highly influenced by its online presence. Internet rankings and performance are now the pillars of a successful online enterprise.

Google, being the most popular search engine across the globe, is the top platform to use to achieve online success. Topping Google’s search engine results page (SERP) is the dream of every inbound marketer. Claiming the top spot of a SERP means an increase of 36% website traffic compared to those in the lower tier.

That is why search engine optimization became the hype of the online marketing world. New techniques surface every year. But, not all new strategies and ideas guarantee success. Sometimes, new is not always better. Previous techniques can still do the trick. Like PBN Backlinks.

Building PBN Backlinks have helped (it still is) many websites to achieve success in their online performance. The term is also famous in the SEO land but what is it? And how does it work?

Should You Buy Pbn Backlinks

Should You Buy Pbn Backlinks

What is PBN and How Does It Work?

The acronym “PBN” stands for Private Blog Network. It is an authoritative website building strategy used to elevate online search engine rankings. It is a bunch of blog networks, with plenty of domains, which build links that point to your money website.

The “money website” is the website you plan to top online rankings. The money website will then get backlinks, increasing its SERP ranking.

These unique PBN sites are not associated with each other, in any way possible. The idea is to create websites that seem natural and not connected. This way, you get to build a strong link profile and scale-up in Google’s rankings.

The Benefits of PBN Backlinks

Strengthens your link profile

Link building is the bane of all SEO experts. As much as they hate it, it is unavoidable. Links are the most important part of search engine optimization (

Quality backlinks, especially those with high domain authority, are like “highly recommended’ stamps for your website. Google will then detect your website and consider it a “trusted” and well-liked site. This will then lead to an increase in your site’s ranking.

PBN Backlinks fast track your link building

Organic link building is a tedious tactic. It is like an outreach process where you need to find blogs and convince them to feature your website. It needs an awful lot of effort and time and still results in nothing.

PBN is fast and a sure way to create backlinks that benefit your site.

You Have Full Control

Since you control the links that point to your website, you have the full disposition on how and where to strategically place your site’s link within these backlink’s content. You can also control how many times it appears and what anchor texts to use.

The Basics Of Creating A Privet Blog Network:

Developing a PBN is a complex process. It requires a broad technical knowledge and intricate details. There are two ways to get it: Either you own PBN or buy PBN backlinks from companies or people. Here is an overview on how to create a PBN Backlink:

1. Find Quality Domains

The value of a PBN Backlink lies in its domain. The power of a domain lies in its authority (DA, TF, CF). There are many ways to get ahold of domains. The easiest way is to buy an expired or a dropped one.

Dropped domains are those not renewed by their web owners. These domains get a “dropped” status, which means that it can be registered again to someone new.

The age, link profile, and metrics of a dropped or expired domain remains intact, thus having higher authority than a brand new domain.

2. Host Your Website

After finding the right domain, you need to pick a PBN web-hosting provider to give you webspace. Your PBN host will help you build a server without leaving any online footprint that can be traced back to your network.

The objective is to stay low and under the radar. So, search engines like Google cannot detect you and erase your PBNs.

It will also help you control all your PBNs from a single panel.

3. Setup Your Website

Install different forum and blogging platforms (i.e. WordPress) for each of your PBN sites. These platforms will help you manage your site’s content.

4. Build New Content

The common mistake of most PBN builders is that they tend to settle for low-quality content for a PBN site. Although it is only for link building, it is important to put in new and unique content. It does not need to be a one-of-a-kind article. It only needs to be an engaging and informative one.

You can use photos, videos, and infographics to make it visually attractive.

5. Link Your Website

As much as this is the whole point of creating a PBN, refrain from linking your money website to the first two posts on your PBN site. Create an interval schedule in publishing a post with a link that backs to your site.

Make your content fresh. Do not over-optimize your site. Use a long-tail keyword or naked links as anchor texts. You can also backlink to some authority sites.


Since 2005, PBN Backlinks have been helping various websites rank high in the SERPs. But, PBNs are not without challenges. There are struggles when it comes to creating them. You can hire virtual assistants to do the work for you or buy from companies that provide powerful PBNs.

Private Blog Network is one of the many techniques to ensure your website’s success. This allows you to stay competitive and relevant in the online world. But, keep in mind that every strategy comes with risks. It is important to do everything with an ample amount of planning and knowledge.

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